This is a good size collection of some of my more notable projects. I will slowly adapt this page to be more informative as time passes and the projects continue to grow.


IdleIRC is a PHP IRC bouncer client with a PHP / JS web frontend that supports multiple user accounts and multiple simultaneous users idling / chatting at once! This IRC bouncer is incredibly tiny and is rather functional as it sits. A live example can be found at
If you're interested in examining IdleIRC, or hosting your own instance of it, Check it out on


A project of mine; SVMM (Simple VM Manager). This allows you, or other users with soon to be a passphrase or code, to create and manage virtual machines. This is intended to be used as a user frontend for QEMU to users for my free VM hosting service as I work more into the scene. FreeBox (

For a limited time, get access to FreeBox using code "freebox2020" on registeration! This is for a test run!


Simple Social Board is a flatfile, simple, flexable, social media platform; open source for everyone! You can join my social media instance and experience at (SecureSpace)

Freon Linux

Looking for an embedded server operating system for your basic needs? Use Freon Linux! Visit the website for information and downloads!

cHTTPd (Chris' HTTP Daemon)

cHTTPd is a micro HTTP server written in C with a simple configuration parser and very basic cgi functions. It also allows for server configuration of serve upload throttling, and port / bind control. Visit the repository for information, and source code.



CServ is a simple IRC moderator written in C as a proof of concept and to operate channels, topics, and user authentication minimalistically! Visit the repository for information, and source code.
Using CServ in IRC: If CServ is connected to an IRC server with the username that I normally use (MultiServ), this is how it'd operate when communicated with in IRC:

/msg MultiServ @help
MultiServ: @register 'password' - Register your username
MultiServ: @login 'password' - Login to services
MultiServ: @claim 'channel' 'user password' - Register IRC channel to your nickname
MultiServ: @release 'nickname' 'user password' - Release your nickname if someone else logs on with it.
MultiServ: @topic 'channel' 'channel topic' 'user password' - Set your channel topic if you own the channel


SpeedyParse is a simple web server access.log parser that details basic hit counts and logs of a domain into a statically generated HTML file, with given search parameters within a configuration file along side speedyparse.
Source and notes: via


CTMB has existed for a while now, and its been modified and updated a few times now. As of currently, you can find the most recent versions of CTMB on CTMB has been rather niglected ov

Otherwise, older projects and outdated source of mine can be found on my old Github account.