Welcome to my world! I'm Chris, and I'm currently (mid 2023), a 25 year old freelance FOSS developer. I welcome you to connect and join the community! Home to cHTTPd (Chris' HTTP Daemon) and Freon Linux. I've started a long journey in developing some FOSS software that's nimble and lightweight but functional for its use. Proudly hosting Red Pepper Racing


CDDO's social media platform! Powered by my project Simple Social Board a flatfile, simple, flexable, social media platform; open source for everyone! You can join my social media experience at

Looking for Freon Linux? Visit the website for information and downloads!
Need the place to play Minetest? Check out a collection of vastly different Minetest worlds hosted by our friends at EdgyNet!

Game servers

Currently, I'm only running a single small Minetest server, PlentaCraft PvP!
Hardware: RackNerd VPS
Version: Minetest 5.7.0, PlentaCraft Game Pack
Server map (click to view in full scale)

Server Map

IRC server

Main hang channel: #theroot
FreeBox channel: #freebox
FreonLinux channel: #freonlinux